I would like to thank all the current Committee for their terrific effort in the 2013 season. When the committee was elected in, at the last AGM, there was major change underway. Some had doubts if this was the best way forward for the club. One year later I think all would agree that it has worked well. Not perfect but a great start.

As one club this year, it enabled us to get a handle on the costs for all parts of the club to run. It has also documented all the inwards cash streams. These figures will help the 2014 executive committee sit down to generate budgets for all parts of the club. It will also help identify how we can spend money more wisely & reduce costs in a lot of areas.

The introduction of a senior Ladies team into the club was another exciting change. With a successful first year on the field, it was a great start. With more hard work by the committee, coaches & players next year I’m sure the Ladies will improve further as well as become fully integrated into the club.

We started to get to know each other & work together for the greater good of the whole club. This was only the beginning of being a great club. In 2014 we need to strive to improve how we operate as one, so everyone is happy to help make the Wyndhamvale Football Club the club, people are proud to be a part of.

It has been an exciting year with many changes & much planning for next season. After 30 years at our current home we will move over to a great new facility. It has been several years in the planning & building. It was handed over to the club on 11th October. There is a huge amount of work to be done to be ready for next football season, as we get a bare shell, that has to be furnished & set up. The Sports Club has a $5000 reverse raffle on the 24th November at the new rooms starting at 11am. Tickets are $50 each including 2 hours of beer, wine & soft drinks. This fund raiser is so important as the profit goes directly to fund some of what is needed. To give you an idea of some of the items needed. Tables & chairs $8000. Deep fryer $2500. Electronic scoreboard best part of $30,000. New fridge & freezer $4000. The list goes on. Again tickets are $50 each & available to purchase from John Willaton Ph 0401133495. We really need every family at the club to support this fund raiser, including oz kick, junior & senior football, junior & senior cricket. Please at least, buy one ticket per family. I look forward to a successful future at this new facility which has great lights, great canteen, great change rooms & a great social space. It is up to the members to be generous this one time, so we can set the new facility up well.

 Again, thank you to all the committee, for setting the building blocks for our clubs new beginning, for a bright future. I would also like to thank all the volunteers, players & supporters for all your efforts to enable our club to have a great year.


John Willaton

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